CateringThe Chic Pea offers individual menus for any occasion with a primary focus on preparing healthy and tasteful dishes to suit the specific needs of each client. As an environmentally conscious company, we make it a priority to use local and seasonal ingredients as well as free range or organic as often as available. Chic Pea minimizes its carbon footprint by composting, recycling, reusing storage containers, implementing digital invoicing… even recycling card stock for business cards.

We offer wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, sugar-free, vegan & vegetarian menus. Local Meats are sourced from Bear Creek Farms, Triple L Ranch, Peaceful Pastures & Porter Road Butcher.

About Kindy Girdley:

Kindy GirdleyI began cooking at a very young age with my family. I enjoyed everything from planting and picking to cooking food right from our garden! I am originally from Indiana, and I remember traveling with my parents to Kentucky to our property that they owned and rented out to a cattle farmer. They were able to use the land for a minimal price and we received local free range beef in exchange.

Only in the last few years have I remembered how important it is to keep my ingredients as local as possible. Not only to lower my carbon footprint and for better health, but also to help support the local farmers and my community. Cooking always was and still is my favorite creative outlet and with this website/blog, I can now share some of my favorite recipes, new recipes, knowledge and hopefully you all will share some with me too! Enjoy and thanks for reading!